Fractional COO and Chief-of-Staff for remote-first startups.



I build and implement strategic alignment and analytics frameworks to serve as the guidance system for your startup.

COS Projects

From payroll systems, to process buildouts and documentation, I help CEOs deliver high-impact projects.


I serve as your startup's People, Marketing, Product, and Finance-Ops functions to play a force multiplier across the org.

Prior Project Snapshots

Fractional Chief-of-Staff for e-commerce startup

StageServices ProvidedDetails
Seed      OKR System
KPI Definition & Dashboards
Product Operations
As Fractional Chief-of-Staff,
I worked with the CEO and Founder
to scope out and deliver systems
and processes - OKRs, KPIs, and
agile methodologies - that enabled
scalability and alignment.

Fractional COO for fundraising platform startup

Stage    Services ProvidedDetails
Pre-Seed-Database Manaagement
-Contractor Hiring
-Contractor Management
-Process Documentation
-Employment Compliance
-Hiring Strategy & Process
Built process for maintaining data
quality for a complex, MVP
platform product. As part of that
maintenance, I built a scalable
process for hiring contractors and
managing their work. As the
engagement progressed, work
extended to maintaining tax
compliance in states where the
company was hiring full time
employees, and buildout of a
scalable hiring process geared
toward attracting top tech talent.

Finance-Operations for marketing tech startup

Stage    Services ProvidedDetails
Seed  -No-Code Automation
-Process Documentation &
Built process for maintaining data
Using no-code tools and workflow
optimization, I built a process
for identifying and collecting
late invoices. This dramatically
decreased the delta between
booked and real revenue.
I documented the workflow for
maintaining the process and
trained a full-time employee
to take over post-contract.

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